take care of adsense

Many blogger's first choise for internet income is adsense. Its content related ads and for good income increasing it demand day by day. It is so hard to get an adsense account. Google is not approving an adsense account without a good website. Also google is observing your account when ads are running on your site after approving. Some publishers are being banned some time because of some reason.

Here I have discussed how you can taking care of your adsense account:

01. Never click own websites ads.

02. Do not inspire friends, relatives to click your sites ads to increasing earning. it makes invalid clicks and Impression which is a main reason of rejecting an adsense account.

03. Do not login from cyber cafe or friends pc.

04. Do not publish any ads on nudity, sexual content, pornography riched site, hacking, cracking related site.

05. Do not publish ads on a copy paste site.

06. Do not disclose your impression, CTR, and CPM to anyone.

07. Avoid sending an adsense ad code though email.

08. Only publish ads when websites content is unique, website have enough visitors. Do not publish ads on an empty or poor content page.

09. Use adsense ads on google supported language website.

10. Do not set ads with picture which can confuse visitor.

11. Do not inspire visitor by writing “click here”, “click this” or this kind of phrace to increse your click.

12. Never edid your adsense code. If you need to edit, only edit from your adsense account.

13. Do not use excessive and unrelated keywords.

14. Do not use excessive H2 Tag.

15. Never use adsense and clicksor together. Your account will be banned If you put Yahoo, clicksor or other contactual ad with adsense ads.

16. Do not apply for a new adsense account when your another account is running. Adsense does not support multi account. If you login more then one account from a PC, your both account will be banned.

17. Check your adsense performance regulerly and check page impressions, clicks, page CTR, Page CPM and earning. If you see problem contact with adsense and then your account will be safe.

Happy money making with AdSense.


+1 # Education Board Resu 2016-01-21 19:45
Very useful article.

Thanks for share this article. From this post i learned that how to protect my adsens. Thanks
0 # Maisha 2016-03-22 18:31
Thanks for the awesome post.