twitterIf you want to increase Twitter follower, you can do it with Twiends. Twiends are giving free option to increase Twitter follower. At the time of sign up, you will get 10 free seeds and every day you will get 10 free seeds if you visit your account. You can get more free seeds by following others. When you have seeds, you can offer others to follow you by those seeds. Also you can by seeds from Twiends. However, you can get followers by Twidens very easily for free.



Twiends have follow back option. By this follow back option, very easily you can increase your Twitter followers automatically. By this process – your account will offer some to follow you by your earned points. When someone follows you, you will follow back automatically and you will get seeds. When seed will be added on your account your account will offer more people to follow you. This is an automatic process to increase your follower for free.




Start Up Free:

At first go to Twiends and click "Add Your Twitter Now Free!" or Sign in with twitter if you want to use exiting twitter acount. After loged in, give authorization by clicking "Authorize App".
Now set up with your account by your e-mail address and  country then save changes. Now verify your email address and you will get 10 seeds bonous. Now set up five tag from a pop up box from "choose interests" by clicking "Select some now". Now submit a tweet by clicking "Tweet now" from" Tweet about us".


Follow Back Setup:

Go to followers, from the page on Step 6: Follow Back you should make some changes. From here select "Follow back those who follow me", select Only follow back those with seeds. You are done.

Now follow some accounts and earn seeds and log out your account. When someone will follow you, you will lose points and you will follow him back atomatically then you will earn seeds. Finally you are getting many followers with a easy way and FREE!



0 # Juton 2012-07-19 20:44
Wow! really nice. It is the store house of follower.
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Nice process to get followers.
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Nice post. Thanks for it.