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Google Pagerank Toolbar Update

Google PRPage Rank (PR) is a ranking system to measure a website's value on the web. Google Page Rank is the value of a website. Google time to time updates website's page rank but it is not a regular process. Page Rank toolbar updates site's ranking 3/4 times in a year and all website's page rank update at a time.

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Exact Match Domain (EMD) Algorithm Update of Google

exact match domainRecently Google has updated an algorithm named EMD (Exact Match Domain). This algo is to control that domain which is low-quality exact matched with its main keyword. On the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) EMD category domain will not show on 1st page. After the updates, already huge EMD domain lost their position on Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

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Meta Description Tag

Meta Description TagMeta Description is an HTML attributes which is a short brief of your content on web page. Meta description is commonly used by search engines with search item and prewiew on search result page. Search engines take 150-160 characters with search items on a search result page from meta description.

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Best Way to Get Twitter Followers by Twiends for Free

twitterIf you want to increase Twitter follower, you can do it with Twiends. Twiends are giving free option to increase Twitter follower. At the time of sign up, you will get 10 free seeds and every day you will get 10 free seeds if you visit your account. You can get more free seeds by following others. When you have seeds, you can offer others to follow you by those seeds. Also you can by seeds from Twiends. However, you can get followers by Twidens very easily for free.

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Google Penguin Update

google penguin updateGoogle has just launched their penguin update to control web spamming. It is a data refresh and for those sites which are not following Google quality guideline and also penguin algorithm is focused on those sites that are breaking Google’s current excellent recommendations.

The update means quality blog or content owner have more visitors on their site. After penguin update, many bloggers lost their search position because of over optimizing. Google always likes your high quality and unique content.

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