Computers1544My Document is the very important folder in our computer. All the files of Microsoft Office are saved in the My Document folder as a default. Various software's and game's files are saved in the My Document. But My Document's location is under the C drive as a default. So when we reinstall windows C drive will format. All the files are delete with My Document folder from the computer. Some times My Document folder can be attacked by the virus. So we need to do backup the My Document folder. If we move My Document folder from C drive to other drive your file or My Document will not delete at time of windows setup.


You can follow to move your My Document:


1. Creat a folder in other drive. Write folder name- My Document.


2. Open My document folder from the desktop. Click right  button in the folder and select properties.


3. Click Move.


4. Select My Document folder of other drive from this page.


5. Click Apply and OK.


Now your computer's My Document is move to your selected folder.