pendrive454Pen Drive is very important tool in our daily life. If we know well about it, we can use this tool well. Some time we keep data in the pen drive but we can’t see it because some time files become hidden for virus. We think file has been deleted but it is not deleted. Moreover it makes exe file in your pen drive.

To solve the problem, please follow the guideline below step by step.

Go to Start > Run and write cmd then press Enter.

Now write the letter of your pen drive or memory card drive (like E, F, M).

Write the command given below then press enter.

Attrib –s –r –h –a /s /d

Your problem wil be solved.

Here I described detailed about the command you have given. It will help to understand.

Attrib = attribute

s = system file or super hidden

r = read only

h = hidden

a = archive

/d = directory

/s = sub directory.

Hope this post will help you to use pen drive safe and easy.